Transform the way students learn

Instead of asking, "Any questions?" to a room full of silence and blank faces, allow students to engage with you instantly using Tubegether. Quick polls and private questions will keep minds alert, questions answered, and students participating.

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How Tubegether works

Students send
text message

Text messaging or mobile web allows students to submit their questions, and answers instantly.


View messages
on dashboard

Log into the dashboard on a computer, tablet, or phone to view student questions throughout class.


Click messages
to filter

Once you've answered a question, click on it to filter them, so you can address them after class.

Text a question to
(778) 402-8838
What are the Tools Provided
Question and Answer
Collect and go through questions from the audience and address the best ones
Live Polling
Choose a winner using audience participation with tally votes that update in real-time
Get cool insights from each event, enabling you to continuously improve in the future
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Why People Use Tubegether

For Teachers

Most students are shy or worried about sounding dumb in front of their peers, which holds them back in the classroom. Eliminate these barriers to learning by allowing attendees to submit their questions privately via text message without any download required.
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For Students

Keep students engaged in class by asking questions – even on the fly. Create a Quick Ask and at the end of class, download the Excel document to view final scores of all the questions added together for each student.
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