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We believe that the audience is at the center of every live-event. However, there is currently no easy way for attendees to interact with each other and even less ways to interact with the presenters and panelists. With Tubegether, our tools will transform your event instantly.

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How Tubegether works

Interact through
text message

A text message from any cellphone allows users to submit their comments, questions, and votes instantly.


Moderation and

Log into the dashboard via any web browser on a computer, tablet, or phone to approve or reject messages.


Display messages,
have fun

Approved messages appear for attendees to read on the projector screen. Votes are tallied in real-time.

Text a message to
(604) 256-8050
Tools by Tubegether
Live Commenting
Display comments and questions from the audience on the big screen during sessions
Question and Answer
Collect and go through questions from the audience and address the best ones
Live Polling
Choose a winner using audience participation with tally votes that update in real-time
Content Filtering
Real-time filtering gives powers to organizers to approve and dissaprove comments
Get cool insights from each event, enabling you to continuously improve in the future
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Why People Use Tubegether

For Organizers

Events usually allow 10 minutes of Q&A at the end of the session, but this isn't always enough time. And there's no channel available for attendees to share general ideas or comments. With Tubegether, ideas, comments, and questions can be submitted at any time – before users forget what they wanted to ask!
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For Attendees

Most people feel scared to raise their hand at live events because they're shy to speak in front of crowds or worried their question will sound stupid. Eliminate these barriers to participate by allowing attendees to submit their thoughts via text message without any download required.
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